Three Bras, You Want After Your Breast Augmentation surgery.

Bras حمالات الصدر

Three Bras, You Want After Your Breast Augmentation surgery.

Shopping for new underwear (bra) is always one of the most fun perks of getting breast augmentation. patients look forward to trying on new styles and treating themselves to new bras they never considered wearing before their surgery.

Before you start browsing through Women’s fashion magazines catalog, though, it is important to purchase something a little more practical for the first couple of months after the Breast Augmentation surgery.

Shopping for bras right after Breast Augmentation surgery won’t be quite as fun as your future trips to the lingerie store. But there are three types of bras you will need after Breast Augmentation surgery:

1)_ The Post-Op Bra: This is the bra you’ll wear for the first week or so after surgery, until you first post-op appointment. We will supply this bra for you and you will be sent home from the surgery center wearing it along with a support strap. A proper, comfortable post-op bra can minimize swelling, enhance the healing process, and help keep the implants in place.

2)_ The Supportive Sports Bra: Transitioning to a supportive sports bra is usually a welcome change for patients. Again, there are different brands and styles of sports bras, and what works best for you may be different than a bra preferred by another patient. I encourage patients to wear a bra that provides support and comfort. Avoid wearing any underwear (Brs) or push-up bras for at least two months after the surgery. Underwire bras can create complications during the recovery phase.

3)_ The (Splurge) Bra: By all means, have some fun with bra shopping once you have fully healed from breast augmentation surgery. The sexier and more colorful, the better. A word of caution: Do not spend a lot of money on bra without having the size of your breasts measured by a professional. And wait until most of the swelling has resolved before measuring your breasts, too.

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